Being on this journey with Molly has been amazing. Not only I have learned to be more aware of my thoughts and actions, but also I have experienced the feelings and outcomes of being true to myself. Thank you, Molly for this incredible adventure of self growth!  

~Estefania, Business Manager, Viña del Mar , Chile


I was 28 years old, and regularly suffering from stomach ailments. I took this for granted, assuming it meant I was simply predisposed to gastro-related deficiencies. But my stomach issues only worsened, and on the advice of a friend, I sought out a health coach. Molly Cutler was well-regarded, but I was still skeptical about anyone’s ability to help my particular problem. That said, the first session was incredibly informative, even misconception shattering, and it had me excited for a second session. By week five, something incredible happened - my stomach problems were becoming less and less prevalent. Not all of us are so lucky, but as it turns out, my ailments were driven by an undisciplined diet. On closer review, it seemed so obvious. My total indifference to what I was putting in my body was wreaking havoc. Molly implemented simple, easy to understand modifications, and within five weeks, I was already reaping the benefits. I am so grateful for all of Molly’s insight and advice. I cannot more strongly recommend her!

~Danny, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA


I've been beyond satisfied from my health sessions with Molly. She has a tremendous depth of knowledge, and a great ability to zero in on your problem areas and provide you with clear, realistic feedback that you can immediately start applying in your daily life. I find her approach to nutrition and health very refreshing, she is able to break down the often complex and confusing world of nutrition and make it an exciting and interesting journey that you want to be apart of. Since we started, I've seen a significant improvement in my energy levels and continue to learn a great deal from her in every call.  

~Stephanie, LEED Green Building Consultant, Tel Aviv, Israel


After several sessions with Molly, my lifestyle and eating habits transformed for the good. She taught me how to eat healthy, stay hydrated, sleep enough, create boundaries with work and overall take care of myself, physically and emotionally. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to better their health and lifestyle.  

~Zach, CEO & Tech Entrepreneur, Tel Aviv, Israel


Every weight loss plan claims to be "not a diet, but a lifestyle." But I've been a yoyo dieter for two decades and I can honestly say that Molly's approach is the first one I've tried where that's actually the case. It's simple, sustainable and most importantly, SANE.  

~Sara, Archaeologist and Freelance Editor, Yavne, Israel