Some spend most of their lives trying to figure out why they failed at another diet, are chronically stressed and tired, can't lose weight, get little or poor quality sleep, and are unhappy in their bodies and maybe even in their lives. I myself have spent years trying to figure out how to stay positive, healthy and fit while simultaneously dealing with a chronic neuromuscular condition that significantly weakens my legs, feet and hands.

I know that every individual is unique and thus has unique needs. Each need must be met in order to discover optimal health and happiness. The foods we eat, the people we engage with, the activities we participate in and the attitudes we carry, all play crucial roles in establishing our sense of well being. We certainly can not control everything in our lives and of those around us, but what we can do is have full control over our choices.

By fusing the science of nutrition, a love for tasty food, and a supportive yet direct approach, I help my clients define and reach their health and wellness goals in doable and sustainable ways. I push my clients to envision the changes they hope to see in themselves and give them actionable items and recommendations to help them make these changes slowly and with patience.

Cultivating a supportive, non-judgemental space for my clients to open up about areas of their lives that they hope to improve (and to talk about the areas of their lives that they love as well), helps validate their outlooks and feelings. I also provide directness when appropriate (which is often!) so that I can healthily challenge clients as I guide them toward reaching their goals.

I believe wholeheartedly that change comes when you are willing to push your boundaries in ways that may feel scary at first, but ultimately feel right for YOU. Helping my clients get out of their comfort zones and try new strategies helps them establish new attitudes toward old issues.

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