Do you wake up feeling exhausted and sluggish or full of energy and ready to take on your day? Or do you find making time for healthy eating and exercise, and creating real boundaries between work and personal life very difficult? I am here to help you discover the foods, lifestyle habits, stress relievers and sleep techniques that work best for YOU. If waking up with energy, eating to nourish your body, decreasing stress, having more time for yourself, and sleeping more soundly and more often sound great to you, then let's talk!


Together we will learn how to:

  • Eat foods that balance your blood sugar, leaving you nourished and calm.

  • Incorporate more phytonutrient and fiber rich foods into your routine to battle inflammation and boost microbiome proliferation.

  • Discover foods and habits that make you feel energized and alive.

  • Decrease stress across all areas of your life.

  • Improve sleep quality and quantity.

  • Decode cravings and understand your body’s signals and what they’re trying to tell you.

  • Set boundaries between work and personal time in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.

  • Discover which foods give you energy and stamina and those that slow you down.

  • Prepare simple, easy recipes and snacks to take with you on the go or to stay waiting for you when you get home from a long day.

  • Navigate choosing healthy, enjoyable food options when out and about.

  • Dispel fact from fiction when it comes to foods and what is “healthy” vs. “unhealthy”.

  • Navigate the aisles of your supermarket or health food store to make the most of your time and money.

  • Read nutrition labels and understand what to look for in an ingredient list.

  • Assess how certain foods make you feel.

  • Eat for health AND joy, because joyful eating is the path to finding emotional and mental freedom around food.

I develop customized solutions based on my clients' specific needs, challenges and goals. Some of the benefits of working with me  may include:

  • Improving digestion

  • Learning to appreciate (and even LOVE) your body

  • Discovering your intuitive food voice

  • Balancing blood sugar

  • Gaining energy

  • Learning why certain foods are good for you and others are not

  • Clearing up your skin

  • Improving sleep

  • Learning self-care techniques

  • Reducing bloating and puffiness

  • Losing weight

  • Learning to love cooking easy, healthy meals

  • Getting comfortable making decisions around food

  • Feeling more alive and joyful every day

I coach clients via Skype, Facetime (or any other online video platform), or phone. I offer office and in-person consultations as well. I will guide you on your health and wellness journey by providing a direct, yet supportive approach, unlimited access to me by text and email in between sessions, and recipes and/or meal plans.


For health and nutrition coaching, partnerships, sponsorships, brand collaboration, recipe development, corporate wellness, and event opportunities, please email molly@mollycutlerhealth.com or get in touch here!

NOTE: This program is no way meant to substitute medical treatment or diagnose disease, but instead to improve quality of life.