This last weekend, I attended a medicinal wreath making workshop led by Tel Aviv based florist, Liat Gorodenzik. I imagined there would be a big table, some store bought flowers and some wires. But what I saw was completely different.

Liat set up a mountain of herbs, leaves, branches, twigs and flowers in the center of the room surrounded by floor cushions for all of the attendees. The minute I walked into the room, I felt a sense of relaxation and was actually taken aback by the rawness of the plants. Most of the materials were foraged from the ground all around Tel Aviv.

This was seriously mind blowing to me, especially since flowers and plants are usually expensive and in my home, bought only as an occasional treat. As we rummaged through the pile of plants, I kept thinking, “I could totally do this at home!”.

There’s also something unbelievably rewarding about becoming super focused and absorbed in an art project, especially when utilizing things you love, like flowers and leaves. Science shows the benefits of art making include more than just having fun. Growing research indicates that engaging in repetitive craft creation can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and that making functional, yet aesthetic pieces can have other health enhancing effects (enter beautiful wreaths).

The philosophy surrounding holistic health is that your overall health and wellbeing is dependent on the balance between physiological, mental and social well-being rather than merely the absence of disease. The more we remember this and live in a way that aligns with this philosophy, the happier and healthier we will be.

So what did I learn from this workshop?

Resources, materials and inspiration are all around us. You don’t have to spend heaps of money to make something beautiful for yourself or for your home. Look around you, get creative with what you have or find, and start crafting and arranging. And I promise you’ll regret making your own art, said no one ever. So HAVE FUN AND LET YOUR CREATIVITY RUN FREE.